Meet Sarah!

Hi! I'm sarah. I'm in 99th percentile for being an extrovert. I love color, candy, and my rescue greyhound, Moose. 

HI! I’m so stoked you’re here!
I’m Sarah, and i’m probably eating sour patch watermelons right now. I’m an artist, illustrator, business coach, greyhound mom, and instagram story addict.
I started this business in my dorm room in January of 2015, after being inspired to record the charm and unique landmarks in my study abroad cities throughout South America. After about a year and a half, I took it full time after graduation and haven’t looked back!
I now live in Austin, Texas with Moose (aforementioned greyhound) and spend my time growing my business and coaching others to do the same. I'm passionate about female entrepreneurs creating profitable, smart, automated businesses, building passive revenue streams, and being unapologetically enthusiastic (#TeamNoChill)
I can’t wait to see what comes next, and i’m so glad you’ll be along for the ride.


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