Frequently Asked Questions

I have a city that i love! Can you make me a print with that city? 

Definitely! I have a long (and growing) list of upcoming cities, but I'm always looking to add more, and I prioritize those with the most requests. If you want to bump your city up on the list, 1. send me the city nameand if you REALLY want to help move it up, 2. send me what you want to see in the print! I love getting input from locals, and it makes the prints so much more genuine. I can be best reached at signetsealed@gmail.com.

I have a custom project! Do you take custom work? What will it cost me? 

I'm not currently accepting any new custom projects! I'm making lots of new city prints, and taking time to focus on other areas of my business. 

I love your city prints, but I want to add something special. Do you do that? 

Yep! I've had multiple requests which are adding a name or a school name to one of my existing designs. There will be a minimal (less than $20) fee for the custom lettering. 

Do you have any bulk discounts? 

I do indeed! I have bulk pricing for orders of 10+ prints, and wholesale pricing for stores. Send me an email (signetsealed@gmail.com) and we can talk more! 

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