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I love creating custom art pieces and illustrations! I frequently get asked about the custom illustration process, so I have created this page to hopefully make the process easier. If you have any questions that I missed or want to start talking about a custom piece, contact me! I can be reached at

What do you mean, 'custom illustration'? 

I have two main channels that I work in - creating prints and creating custom illustration artwork. For the custom illustration, the content and style are really up to you! I've worked with brides, families, spouses, and children to create perfect gifts and artwork for homes and offices. Custom illustration has a completely different pricing structure than my etsy prints, but allows you to create a family heirloom that celebrates something specific and special to you. 

How does the process work? 

It's simpler than everyone seems to think! Either shoot me an email, or fill out the contact section at the bottom of this page! We'll start emailing (or talking on the phone or in person, if you prefer/live in Memphis) about what you have in mind and I'll send you a quote in a timely manner. I'll keep you updated with draft versions along the way to make sure that you love the final product. 

How much does your custom work cost? 

As i've mentioned, custom work has a very different price bracket than Etsy prints. There's a wide range of price points that I've worked with, but most custom pieces average around $140. The pricing depends totally on the amount of content and the intricacy of what you're looking for. I'm happy send you a quote if you have an idea you're interested in, and I won't hassle you about it if the price doesn't work out. I want to honor your paycheck- but in return, please honor me by not arguing or bargaining. Half is paid upfront, the other half is after delivery!

How fast can i receive my custom piece? 

Depends on my schedule at the time you request it, but I usually try to turn everything around in 2-4 weeks. If you have an extremely tight deadline (1-2 weeks), there is a good chance I can complete the project, but rush charges may apply. 

I don't think i want a full custom illustration- just something special added to an existing print. Can you do that? 

Most of my city illustration prints are designed with very little negative space, so it's difficult to add something in that is larger than a few words. I can definitely add some names or a date, but anything larger (for example, buildings and homes) will require you to commission a custom illustration. All my prints are pre-printed, so I can't just move things around before I print and ship it to you. So sorry! 


Still want to work together? AWESOME. shoot me an email or fill out the contact info below, and we'll get to work!! 

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