Bachelorette Predictions PDF
Bachelorette Predictions PDF
Bachelorette Predictions PDF

Bachelorette Predictions PDF

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You guys asked, and we're delivering: a page to track the men throughout the men and your predictions throughout the season! 

All of the remaining men (after night 1 eliminations) are listed on the lefthand side- in the grey boxes, fill in your prediction for how far they'll go. In the white box, update each week with how far they really get! I've included the typical number remaining in a bar across the top to help you out. We all know that hometown predictions are all that really matter anyway, right? 

Fill out your predictions and prepare to yell "IN YOUR FAAACE!" to all your friends after you win. 

PDF download link will be delivered by SendOwl after your purchase is processed.

(Now for the legal stuff) Not for individual resale. This work is protected under copyright - reproduction of any kind is strictly prohibited. (I mean, your friends can totally venmo you for buying it...just don't fire up your own website and sell it as your own, k? coolcoolcool.)  

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